Troscan Design Sample Sale

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a designer discount?

There is not an additional designer discount available. All sample sale items are listed at a heavily discounted price from their original pricing. 

How can I coordinate shipping?

Please email to coordinate shipping or pick up. During our regular business hours (M-Thurs 7:30am – 5 pm, Fri 7:30 am – 11:30 am) we will respond within 24 hours. Holidays and weekends we will respond on the next business day.

Is the cost of freight included in the price?

No, optional crating and freight will be quoted and charged separately. We can also quote local delivery for Chicago area clients.

Is sales tax included in the price?

Sales tax will be evaluated when shipping is coordinated and charged at that time if necessary.  Please provide resale certificate to waive sales tax. Illinois clients who by default are charged state tax will be credited once resale certificate is provided. Shipping within Illinois incurs a 9.25% sales tax charge. No sales tax will be charged when shipping outside of Illinois. Please email with any questions.

Are the items available for viewing in person?

Yes, by appointment only. All sample sale items are stored off-site in storage facility in Chicago, Illinois. Clients can contact Troscan directly to schedule a time to see the item in person. Please inquire in advance so we can ensure the item is available for viewing.

Are there more photos available?

Yes, in most cases there are additional photos of the items that we can email you directly. Please email for more information.

How can I view finishes?

Troscan wood/lacquer/metal finishes can be viewed at our website:
We do not have fabric swatches available to send. We have provided complete information on fabric/leather shown so clients can request swatches directly from the original fabric supplier.

Can I have my item repaired at Troscan after I’ve purchased it?

Yes, damage has been noted and photographed accordingly; clients can contact to arrange a quote for repair/restoration at an additional cost. 

Can I hold an item for a few days?

No, we cannot hold sample sale items. All sales are final; no returns or exchanges.